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Our Music

Written by Lori Kaufman Bewley

Dying Grace is a collection of eight beautiful songs written by Lori under the inspiration of

the Holy Spirit.


Written by Lori Kaufman Bewley

I See Him As The Lamb


The Kaufmans

He Speaks Rivers To My Soul

A collection of ten original Southern Gospel songs that will bless your soul!


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A collection of eight Southern Gospel songs recorded in 1994. Includes some of the first

songs ever written by Lori.

Written by Lori Kaufman Bewley

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I Know He Will

Copyright 2011 The Kaufman's

CD's   $15.00 each


Kaufman Ministries is a nonprofit organization. All CD and Tape proceeds are used for

  the support of this ministries' continued efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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